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Welcome Message by the Managing Director

    It is rightly said that the foundation of every state is the education of its youth. Next in importance of freedom and justice is 'Education' without which justice and freedom can neither be achieved nor maintained and, all of us know that like all other living nations we keep both 'freedom' and 'justice close to our heart, so close that without them ours will not be a living heart, and our conscience - dead. So to maintain our very life line as human beings, we have to accord top most priority to Education. We are all aware of the fact that at the time of our creation God Almighty held us superior to angels just because of 'knowledge' which we are supposed to possess and the angels don't.

Principal's Message

     During the past two years, we have tried our best to bring about substantial qualitative improvement in the teaching and administration facilities of this institution, The main objective of our reforms was to build stronger characters and enhance the study habits of our students so that they have better chances of success and a brighter future life than ever before.

To that end, we have been laying special emphasis on the spoken and written expression of our students. For, we believe, that these two attributes are prime movers in human dealings. Without them, Knowledge has neither meaning nor can it bear fruit. Besides, moral ascendancy is impossible to achieve in the absence of effective communication and there can be no discrimination between good, bad or evil.

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