Announcement : PIPS , a trade mark registered Institute with distinct emblem, does not offer any franchise opportunities either in its own name or titles resembling PIPS. Brig(R) Mohammad Ijaz Akbar MD, Farrukh Ijaz DMD and Dr. Mazhar Ijaz AMD are the Proprietors of PIPS chain all over Pakistan.

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Welcome Message by the Managing Director

It is rightly said that the foundation of every state is the education of its youth. Next in importance of freedom and justice is 'Education' without which justice and freedom can neither be achieved nor maintained and, all of us know that like all other living nations we keep both 'freedom' and 'justice close to our heart, so close that without them ours will not be a living heart, and our conscience - dead.

So to maintain our very life line as human beings, we have to accord top most priority to Education. We are all aware of the fact that at the time of our creation God Almighty held us superior to angels just because of 'knowledge' which we are supposed to possess and the angels don't.

Principal's Message


It is indeed my proud privilege and a matter of great honour for me to take over as Principal of a very prestigious and premier Educational Institution of the Country. Needless to emphasize the invaluable contributions made by PIPS and College in the educational field for over three decades. This has been made possible by relentless efforts, dedication and extreme hard work put in by all members of the Teaching Faculty, Administrative Support Staff and the Management over the years. My endeavour would be to capitalize on the gains already made and further carry them forward to achieve Par Excellence. I have laid down the following objectives:-

a.     Apart from the studies, focus on character building and grooming of the child through a systematic and structured approach.

b.     Conduct various Co-Curricular activities like debates, declamation contests and other such competitions through an institutionalized system to derive maximum benefit to the students. Provide equal opportunities to all the students to realize their full potential and encourage them to participate.

c.      Provide tangible incentives to the students and motivate them to excel in studies and perform well in the Board Examinations.

d.      Inculcate the habit of reading and E-learning by organizing appropriate activities and developing wherewithal for it.

e.       Improve the administration including boarding & lodging, messing, security and sports facilities.

f.       Capacity building of the teaching faculty to undertake the assigned task in the most professional manner in line with the latest trends and good practices.

g.      Improve the website of PIPS and College to make it dynamic, updated and reflective of our achievements and accomplishments.


In order to achieve the laid down objectives, I look forward to whole-hearted cooperation of the faculty, the students and their parents/ guardians. May Allah guide us in our way forward “Amen”.

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